We are wired as differently as different can be, men and women that is. We boys have our ways and our whines and you ladies have your share of "not gonnas" and "maybe I wills". Bottom line is having a baby in your life changes the dynamic of your relationship. Even the relationship the "goes on behind closed doors" as Charlie Rich used to sing.

I may have even snorted once or twice while reading self-helpy types of books and posts and articles about scheduling date nights and "quality alone time" and wearing fancy panties even if you're still sporting maternity jeans years later really will get all the good stuff flowing again.

I say this from the guys point of view, fellows there is hope. For the ladies I say, don't give up hope. Trust me he still desires you and needs you and wants you, even more so. Fellows, maybe if you helped out around the house and with the baby she wouldn't be so tired? Let me know what you think about it.