My son Jack who is now a senior at Lafayette High and about to be thoroughly embarrassed, used to love Thomas the Tank Engine. When he was a tiny tot we had miles of wooden track and just about every resident of the Island of Sodor in our living room.

The little boy in this video is a lot like my Jack when he was the same age. The little boy in the video loves his toy train. His Dad decided to send his sons favorite toy to the edge of the Earth and back. I have to admit I would never do something like this because if I lost the toy my wife would be sending me to the edge of the Earth to find it.

I am happy to report the journey was safe and quite impressive. Stanley, the toy train, was returned safely to the imagination fueled hands of his best buddy. The animation of Stanley's face was done in post production. Dad says he did that so we could all see Stanley the same way his son sees him. If we could always see the world through the eyes of children this would be a much kinder and creative world don't you think?

I for one enjoyed the trip. It just goes to show you there is no limit to a father's love and a child's imagination. Thank you for letting us ride into space with Stanley.