The one thing I love more than little puppy dogs would have to be food. I will eat just about anything. (This is probably where my issue with weight comes in!)

Growing up, I loved to watch my Daddy cook. As his child, of course I thought he was the best cook ever. However, one of his dishes really had me asking questions. When I looked at it, all I saw was a huge pile of 'insert something gross here'. He told me that his mom called it Spanish Delight and she has always cooked it when he was growing up.

George Doyle/ThinkStock

To be quite honest, I never mentioned it to my friends because I thought they would think I was nuts for eating it. Until one of my them came over for a sleep over and they said 'Oh my gosh, I love this stuff! But my mom calls it Goulash.' I wasn't a freak after all!

If you haven't heard of Spanish Delight/Goulash, you should consider trying it out one night. It is very simple and quite delicious. Here's the recipe my Daddy uses:

  • 1.5 to 2 pounds of ground meat (more or less depending on how many people are eating)
  • 1 or 1.5 cans of tomato sauce
  • 1 can of corn (not creamed)
  • 1 bag of egg noodles (or your favorite pasta)
  • Spices he uses:
    • worcestershire sauce
    • oregano (very little)
    • salt and pepper
    • Tony's
    • Basil

Of course, you can add any spices you think would work as well. You can also make it your own. If you are drained from your day or ready to get the kids fed and off to bed, this is perfect. I could possibly be your best friend on those crazy week nights. Enjoy!