From our friends at :  His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet, spiritual leader of about 8 million Tibetan Buddhists, will make his first-ever visit to New Orleans this weekend. He will speak at three public events, including Tulane University'scommencement, where he will also receive an honorary degree. The Dalai Lama, who will be accompanied by eleven Tibetan monks, will speak at a conference titled, "Resilience: Strength through Compassion and Community" at the Ernest N. Morial New Orleans Convention Center on Friday, May 17. On Saturday, May 18, his second talk, titled "Strength Through Connection," will be held at the University of New Orleans Lakefront Arena. The general public's best opportunity to hear the Dalai Lama will be on Friday, May 17, from 10-11 a.m., when he participates in the "Resilience" panel discussion at the Convention Center.

This is very cool - I saw the Dalai Lama in New York City once, and he is a very very beloved figure, so it's definitely worth it to try and see him at one of his public appearances in New Orleans this weekend!