And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music. -Nietzsche

As kids we are born absolutely fearless. It is our parents and caregivers that teach us to be afraid. I understand why we have to be taught certain lessons but some of those lessons turn out to be the downfall of our being.  Mr. Rogers said children need loving limits, I agree with that fact.

Children also need for someone to be the wind beneath their fragile wings. Far to often we tell our children to soar and then by our own actions teach them to fear leaving the ground.

There are two dancers in this video. One dances to impress and she is quite good. The other dances because the music won't allow her to sit still. While both performers are amazing in their own special way, only one has embraced the music with a part of her being that can not be taught.

Here is my question to you. Should the tiny dancer have been pulled from the floor? Should she have been taught a lesson in respecting others or was the better lesson listen to your heart and dance like nobody is watching?