The nine remaining contestants on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ shook their respective wild things to movie themes this week. Carson Kressley was called “butch,” the judges told Nancy Grace she was kind of a wuss, and Rob Kardashian was almost sexy. It was madness!

Here are some highlights:

  • Ricki and Derek

    Tango to 'Psycho'

    Most of the contestants got music that was at least lyrical — but not Ricki Lake and Derek Hough. They were tasked with doing a tango to the theme from 'Psycho.' Given the jumpy nature of the tune, Hough's choreography was brilliant, and Lake captured the urgency of the dance beautifully. The judges agreed, with two of them handing out the first 10s of the season. Score: 10 9 10

  • Hope and Maks

    Foxtrot to 'You've Got a Friend in Me' from 'Toy Story'

    Hope Solo and Maksim Chmerkovskiy did a sweet dance as Woody and Jessie from 'Toy Story.' The judges seemed every bit as charmed as the audience was. Score: 8 8 8

  • Chaz and Lacey

    Paso Doble to 'Rocky'

    Lacey Schwimmer brought in the big guns to help train Chaz Bono this week — Richard Simmons. Chaz clearly worked hard during his 'Rocky' dance, and while it was far from perfect, he got his highest score yet. The pride and joy on his mom Cher's face (she was there in person for the first time) was palpable, making more than one person a little misty. Score: 7 7 7