The Daytona 500 2013, who will win? Well, last year I literally handed you the opportunity to make thousands of dollars with my picks for horse racing's Triple Crown so my abilities are real. Today I am going to tell you who will win Sunday's Daytona 500.

How do I know who will win? It is a gift. As my Daddy used to say I have mental issues. Actually I am an astute observer of all things racing and I am a real fan of NASCAR.

Danica Patrick and Jeff Gordon had great runs in qualifying for the "Great American Race" but that is where the good weekend is going to stop for both of them. Danica will get caught up in an early race crash that won't knock her out of the race but will render its aerodynamic package useless. Jeff Gordon will finish in the top 5 but because he won't have a drafting partner on the super speedway in the final laps. He will come in fourth.

Kevin Harvick has been on fire at Daytona winning the Spring Unlimited for pole winners last weekend. Harvick also finished first in yesterdays Budweiser Duel #1. Harvick is fast but he won't be first across the line on Sunday he will finish third.

Kyle Busch won yesterdays 2nd Budweiser duel at Daytona, he is a good driver and he has a really fast car but Daytona takes patience, Kyle has none of that. He will finish fifth behind Jeff Gordon. Kyle Busch will play a part in who wins though.

Kyle will actually be leading when the drivers take the white flag. Unfortunately at a NASCAR restrictor plate track, leading at the beginning of the last lap isn't where you want to be. Kyle will find his mirrors full of Tony Stewart and behind "Smoke" will be Mark Martin.

At the top of the long  back stretch on the last lap Stewart will pull out from behind Kyle Busch with Mark Martin pushing him. Kyle will try to block the move and Mark Martin will use the interruption in momentum to go by both of them on the outside with help from Kevin Harvick.

The push from Harvick will send Martin to the front as they enter turn three. Martin will use the momentum from Harvick's bump draft to slide in front Tony Stewart on the high side and Martin will win his first Daytona 500 in 27 attempts and EVERYONE will be happy for him.