If you were tuned in to Tuesday's edition of the Bruce and the Kennel Club show you probably heard Krista say something very strange. One of her bucket list items is to find a dead body. She doesn't want to know the person or doesn't wish any ill will on anyone, she just wants to be the one to find a dead body.

I thought it was really strange until you started calling in with your stories of how finding a dead guy is something you would like to do. Not Me! I think the dead have enough issues without having to deal with me. In fact I think most of us really are uncomfortable around the dearly departed.

A great example of this hypothesis is this prank from the TV show Just for Laughs. The premise, a coffin is rolled into an elevator and then the attendants of that coffin find themselves missing the car. This leaves the unsuspecting victim alone with a coffin and a not so dead body inside. I am telling you right now when that coffin door flew open, I would be making my own exit!