The note read "My wish was to travel w/ my friends that did not happen". The note was found in a plastic bottle that was washed up on a beach in Florida. The note was shared by a member of the internet site Reddit.

The contributor included a picture of the bottle and the note. The note says that the writer died in 2011 and had a dream of seeing the world. His friends in a very unique way to honor his memory decided to write the note and toss the bottle into the sea. The back of the note appears to contain a phone number where those who find the bottle can contact family or friends and let them know of the whereabouts of their dearly departed.

I think this is a wonderful way to honor the memory and legacy of a friend. I know, if we all did it the ocean would be full of plastic bottles, but most of us don't have the wanderlust of this particular fellow. When you move on to the next stage in your existence what legacy would you like to leave behind?