A determined Indianapolis teen walked 10 miles in the ice and snow just to interview for a minimum wage job. What he found was a generous man who hired him and paid him double because of his determination. Art Bouvier owns a Cajun Restaurant in Indianapolis and notice the young man cutting across his parking lot. The young man,Jhaqueil Reagan, stopped to ask Bouvier directions. After Bouvier explained the teens final destination was still several miles down the road, Bouvier suggested he take a bus.

A few minutes later Bouvier had an errand to run and noticed the determined teen still walking toward his job interview. Bouvier asked the young man why he didn't take a bus. Regan said he didn't have money for the bus and wouldn't have money until he found a job.

Bouvier posted about the encounter on his facebook page and the story went viral. See for yourself in the report from Fox 59 in Indy. This should be a lesson to a lot of us, there is no substitute for determination and desire. Hard work will always pay off, sometimes in the most unexpected ways.