The popularity of TV's Duck Dynasty is enormous. Millions of Americans tune in for each new episode to find out what the Robertson clan of Duck Commander fame is up to. Did the popularity of the TV show influence the outcome of Saturday's congressional special election? At least one political observer thinks so.

Let me be very clear right here, as Americans we can all influence the outcome of an election by voting and supporting the candidates of our choice. By no means are we insinuating that there was any impropriety or wrong doing. This is basically a story of one man voicing his support for a candidate and others reacting to his endorsement.

Duck Dynasty star and leader of the Duck Commander empire, Phil Robertson, publicly announced his support for Monroe business man Vance McAllister in the special election that was held Saturday to replace retiring Congressman Rodney Alexander. McAllister a virtual political unknown received 18% of the votes cast in that election. Columbia state Senator Neil Riser was the leading vote getter taking one third of the votes cast. This places McAllister and Riser, both Republicans, in a runoff November 16th.

University of Louisiana at Monroe political science professor Joshua Stockley suggested in a story with the Louisiana Radio Network that the endorsement by Robertson added a lot of credibility to McAllister's campaign. Stockley also indicated that McAllister's positive image as the anti-career politician played a large factor in his surge in the polls.

Can McAllister win the election? Stockley thinks it is possible for a couple of reasons. The endorsement of Robertson will certainly add star appeal to his candidacy. In the world of politics any attention is good attention. Also front runner Riser only garnered one third of the votes meaning two-thirds of the people voted for another candidate. Voters in the 5th congressional district will make their choice November 16th.