Did you know that once upon a time music was an Olympic sport? So was architecture and thing called pelota, which is a fast paced Spanish inspired sport involving a ball and basket similar to Jai alai. The Olympics have always been an ever evolving sporting event. Many times the host nation would insert a game or competition that was indigenous to their region. The reasoning being that a home grown sport would probably give the host nation a good chance at winning a gold medal.

That being said, some really interesting sports used to be in the Olympics, maybe they weren't that interesting or there would still be an interest in playing them.

Tug of War: That old school yard favorite used to be a competition in the Olympic games. Who knew that something we actually did in P.E. at school could have earned us world wide acclaim. This would be one sport where being the fat kid could come in handy. Don't put me on the Wheaties box, put my picture on a bucket of fried chicken!

Croquet: I remember playing croquet as a kid. We played in the back yard. If I recall the game had something to do with hitting a ball with mallet and trying to drive the ball through some metal hoops. In our version of croquet, there was usually some yelling and the picking up and tossing of the wooden balls in the general direction of our opponent. Maybe that is why they pulled the sport from the Olympic Games. An errant wooden ball could be the catalyst for a world war.

Motor Boating- NO not that kind of motor boating, but if they did have that kind of motor boating you can bet the competition would be more popular than curling. This sport was in the games in the early 1900's back when boats with motors were something new and exciting. If they could have motor boating there is still hope that maybe NASCAR could work its way into the games. I would watch.

Live Pigeon Shooting- I can just imagine the all out hissy fit that the PETA folks would be having if this was still part of the world's premier sporting event. I know in South Louisiana if hunting were a part of the Olympics we'd have a lot of Gold Medals hanging from the mirrors of trucks through out the region.

All Around Dumbbell- If this was what you thought it was the United States would win hands down just with our politicians but it's not that kind of dumb bell. This would be similar to dancing with free weights. The competition would be for the incredibly strong and for the incredibly bored. I can see why this sport was pulled.

One sport that is alive and well in the Olympic Spirit is gymnastics! Many members of the U.S. Team will be here in Lafayette in the Cajundome October 21. Tickets for the Kellogg's Tour of Champions will go on sale this Friday morning through ticketmaster outlets and the Cajundome box office. You can also keep listening to the Bruce and the Kennel Club show for your chance to win free tickets all week long.