Father's Day for most Dads it is simply another Sunday. Speaking from my own personal point of  view I don't want or need a day to remind my kids to remind me that I am in their lives. If you're doing your job as a Father you are in your kids lives even when they grow up and move away.

But thanks to the advertising community, the gift card community and yes folks like us on the radio and TV, we make Father's Day another pressure packed holiday where disappointment can run rampant. This disappointment is especially noticeable when you compare Father's Day to Mother's Day.

Gifts for Mom are always things that make her feel special, wanted, needed, pampered, loved, remembered, and other good stuff like that. Gifts for Dad's are usually things that give him something to do. It's like people think all we Father's do is sit around and wait for directions. While I don't begrudge Mom's any of the gifts and wonderful things they are given for Mother's Day I do believe we Dad's do a lot  more than what we get credit for.

When it comes down to actual spending, how much money do you think the average family will spend on Mother's Day? According to the National Retail Federation Mom will bank about $162. 94 in material appreciation from those that love her.

What about Dad's? Do you think the number is equal? It's not. According to the same retail federation report dear ol' Dad is only getting $113.80 in materialistic love. If you do the math that means almost $7.4 billion dollars more is spent on Mom than is spent on Dad.

Why is there such a huge disparity in giving between Mom and Dad. The answer lies in the giver not the receiver. We like to give gifts to people that show appreciation. Mom's are great at showing appreciation. They tear up and give hugs and will sit speechless at the thought behind the gift. Dad's, while they might feel the same emotions, are not wired for the outward display.

I think if you asked most Father's about being on the short end of the receiving stick for their special day they would say no, it's all equal. The ladies in our lives are the glue that holds our family together. Father's are the backbone that holds the framework up so Mom can hold it all together.

Neither job is more important than the other. In our own special way we each help shape our offspring in hopes that by the time they leave our nest they will know two things.

One: how to make good decisions and how to understand the consequences of each decision they make.

Two: The difference between right and wrong.

If our kids leave our homes with an understanding of those two things then both Mom and Dad can rest assured that they have done their job of putting another decent human being on the planet.

If you are a Father, Happy Father's Day. I hope you will take a quiet moment to reflect on the real importance of what that being a Father is all about. Your kids need you and they want you to be a part of their lives. Far to often we men let pride get in the way of incredible relationships with our offspring.

Maybe today will be the day that you put that pride aside and tell your kids how precious and special they are. Let's take this day that we are supposed to receive and turn it into the day that we give a gift that only we can give. It is the gift of ourselves, our time, and our attention.