Politicians forgetting something is nothing new. In fact almost all politicians seem to forget the campaign promises they made as soon as they are sworn in. This is a different kind of forgetfulness. Could this be a game changing moment for Republican Rick Perry and his bid to become the next President of The United States?

Ultimately we the people still get to decide who our candidates are and then who among those chosen to run we elect. My question to you is this, " Do you put a lot of stock into political misspeak? Is this simply a moment that all of us share where our minds go blank for a moment? Or is this an indicator that this gentleman isn't fit to run the country?

No matter what your political affiliation, I think all candidates deserve the right be a human being. We are all flawed in some way shape or form so I guess I am quick to forgive a gaff, but not so quick to forget or forgive  politicians that just out and out lie.

I would love to know your thoughts on the candidates that you support. A  healthy dialogue helps to create an informed voting base and an informed voting base usually gets the right person in office.