Cops in Dunwoodie, Georgia are on the hunt for a man who stole an $1,800 Maltese puppy from a pet shop. That hunt shouldn't take too long since the thief left his cell phone at the scene of the crime!

Apparently the suspect asked employees at Petland that he was in the market for a Maltese and asked to hold the pup. The worker got distracted and the suspect, a 6'3" black male who calls himself "Romeo", split with the fluffy white pooch.

Some employees gave chase, but the dog snatcher escaped. "He had a pretty good start," manager Geoff Campbell said. "He had a car waiting around the corner, and he got in and took off.”

Again, cops should be able to track down the perp eventually. In addition to leaving his cell phone, the dog has a microchip under his skin.