In this part of the world it is very difficult to say anything nice about any person who is associated with the University of Alabama. The rivalry between the Crimson Tide and the LSU Tigers is an epic one to say the least. But when you strip away the hype and the hoopla there is a lot of respect between those of us in the bayou and the big red elephants of Tuscaloosa.

We might be adversaries on the playing field but in life we all pull for the common good. This is a shining example of a young man, a football player from Alabama, doing the right thing. Trent Richardson heard about Courtney Alvis, a cancer survivor from Hueytown Alabama. Courtney's one goal through all of her cancer treatments was to be able to make it to her senior prom. Thanks to great medicine, a strong family and I would imagine more than a stadium full of faith Courtney realized her goal.

There was one problem, she had no date to accompany her. This is where the night in shining armor rode in to the picture with a grateful heart and a personal reason for wanting to be a part of this story. Trent Richardson's mother is battling cancer too. So this just wasn't a story about a prom and a date. This was a personal mission and a personal message for both of these incredible young people.

I have never cheered for Trent Richardson on the football field. I will when he goes to the NFL but it won't be because of his skills as a player. It's because of his compassion for another human being. That is what makes this young man and this story so compelling to me. I hope you will watch the story that ESPN put together on the big night and maybe just maybe under your breath out of earshot from anyone you know you could mouth the words, Roll Tide, just this once.