The lines on a parking lot are there for a reason. This helps maximize the number of cars that can park in an area and insures safe avenues of egress when the time comes to leave. This all works well when people follow the rules of society and park within the lines.

There are some people who do not believe the rules of society were written with them in mind. They are the people that drive on the shoulder of the Interstate during a traffic jam or park in a fire lane at the grocery store. These are also the same douche-canoes that park to close to lines, or over the lines in a parking lot. They end up taking two spaces instead of one.

This is such a case as caught on video. The camera operators have grown weary of the gentleman in the sports car parking crooked. They parked one of their vehicles in such a way it makes it impossible for him to climb in his driver side door and drive off.

The commentary on the video makes it a very interesting watch. It is a little on the long side but it is well worth every minute of joyous revenge if you've ever had to deal with a "d-bag parker" in your parking lot.