It's bad enough to be arrested for driving drunk. It's just plain stupid to be arrested again for trying to destroy the evidence that convicted you for driving drunk. But that is exactly the story coming out of East Baton Rouge Parish today.

According to State Police 23-year-old Jana Pourciau was arrested following an accident in Pointe Coupee Parish April 12th. Pourciau then called the State Crime Lab and reportedly asked the staff there to destroy the evidence associated with her case.

"She actually called the crime lab from her personal cell phone and then followed that up by sending an email to the crime lab from her personal email. So crime lab employees quickly put two and two together and contacted State Police Detectives,"

Trooper Jared Sandifer made those comments to the Louisiana Radio Network. But if you think calling the crime lab was bad, wait until you hear about what she told officials there about why they needed to destroy the evidence.

According to crime lab employees Pourciau told them she was a member of the 18th Judicial District Court and that her case had been dismissed. This phone call changed her original charge of DWI to DWI, false impersonation and forgery. Trooper Sandifer said,

"So it quickly turned from a first offense DWI arrest to a felony for that forgery count,"

Porciau remains incarcerated in the East Baton Rouge Parish jail.