Voters in Louisiana's 5th Congressional District must feel like they are on an episode of Candid Camera. The strange events that have happened in the past year or so involving that district are enough to make even the most patriotic voter want to throw in the towel. Thankfully voters in the 5th District are better citizens than what their elected officials have given them.

Yesterday came the announcement that had been speculated on since earlier in the year. Would a true relative of TV's Duck Dynasty clan throw his hat into the ring? The answer is yes. Zach Dasher, the true nephew of TV"s Uncle Si Robertson  made it official yesterday. He is seeking the seat currently held by Vance McAllister. It is widely speculated that McAllister gained enough momentum to win the seat because of an endorsement by the TV family.

Says Dasher of his first attempt at national political office,

"I'm not a political guy like 99.9% of those of us out there, but I thought enough is enough. So I want to go to D.C. to help restore America to what she once was which is a nation that builds freedom and prosperity on the anchor of God."

Dasher's comments were reported by the Louisiana Radio Network. He will be running on the Republican ticket and his background is in pharmaceutical sales. When asked about his family connection to the Robertson's, he says there was a family meeting and he was encouraged to seek this office.

And the entire family showed up...Willie, Si, Phil, Jase, Al, Jep -- everybody was there. We really share a similar ideology when I talk about the Almighty God and what his role is in the foundation of freedom. Everyone was extremely supportive."

The general election to for the 5th Congressional seat will be held on November 4th.