As I have stated many times in this space I admire the men and women who protect us from ourselves in the field of law enforcement. I would imagine if you sat down with anyone who has served in law enforcement  you could get a lifetime of stories in just a few minutes. This is one of those stories where the police work was easier than expected. When the two guys who were  breaking the law captured themselves.

It happened in New Jersey, yeah the same New Jersey that gives us Jersey Shore. Two men in their early 20's thought it would be great fun to climb inside a police van and take pictures of themselves to share with friends.

Well since the two had been drinking let's just say their judgement was not the best and they locked themselves in. Since they are modern kids with technology the dynamic duo called a friend to come help them out of the van. The trouble with this idea, the friend had been drinking too so he called 911!

When the officers showed up and had the van opened, out pranced dumb and dumber right into the waiting back seat of a police cruiser. The lesson, if you're going to drink, don't go looking for the police, the officers like at least a little bit of a challenge.