We all love music here at 973 the Dawg. Music can make your day brighter, your romance sweeter and your ears bleed if you happen to come across the wrong songs.

There are some songs that you probably know and know all the words to , but you don't want to hear them or even think about them. Those songs are called earworms, the songs that get stuck in your head and won't go away.


Our friends at KATC's Good Morning Acadiana Tracy Wirtz and Dave Baker were discussing earworms this morning. They suggested that Jessie's Girl by rocker Rick Springfield and Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond might qualify. For my money the worst earworm song ever recorded was It's A Small World. It gets in your mind and won't let go. Here are some other earworm songs you should slip on to your friend's iPods just for fun. What is your least favorite earworm song?