We all know how many amazing restaurants Lafayette has to offer. Eat Lafayette acknowledges the unique and creative, locally owned restaurants in our area. Pamplona Tapas Bar and Restaurant was on the list, and it was a pleasure to meet the kind staff and eat the delicious items from the menu.

The staff at Pamplona Tapas Bar were friendly, informative, and genuine. Each waiter and waitress know exactly what goes into making each dish so unique and tasty. Before you eat, they will give you a detailed "report" about how the dishes were prepared and cooked.

Not only is the food to die for, but the cocktails are phenomenal. The bartenders at Pamplona Tapas Bar and Restaurant know how to make a dynamite drink. They are known for their basil viceroy. The flavors in this drink are extreme and delicious!

Check out our video at Pamplona Tapas Bar and Restaurant, presented by Eat Lafayette, brought to you by the new Fly Lafayette Club and Robert Mondavi wines.