This is the month that a lot of us turn our attention to our hearts. With Valentines Day fast approaching it is easy to see why February was chosen to celebrate that mass of muscle that keeps us pumping every minute of every day. If you have seen Tracy's "Gotta Move" segments on KATC TV 3, you may have noticed that "Gotta Move has Gone Red" ! Heart disease is responsible for far to many deaths in our state each year. So this month we're going to do our part in helping you to understand what you can do to help yourself and those you love live longer, more healthy lives.

By eating healthy and exercising you can minimize your risk for heart disease. Other ways to minimize your risk is by meditating and doing yoga, which helps lessen the stress in your life. However, eating the right foods and limiting or avoiding others, is a must in order to have a ticker that will last for a very long life.

After reading this short article, I hope you will venture over to and visit Tracy's "Gotta Move" page. You can get with program right now if you want to and be feeling better and looking better in hardly no time at all.