I like eating and from what I can remember I am a pretty big fan of that other subject mentioned in bold at the top of this little narrative. So is it true? Can certain foods increase the desire, the passion, the need to send the kids to their rooms and lock the doors? Let's look a little deeper into the story shall we? All I can say is I am praying that King Cake is on the list!

There's more folklore than scientific proof to substantiate the link between food and passionate sex. But that's no reason why you and your partner should shy away from these so-called natural love potions

So what foods put you and your lover in the mood? Beer? Well too much of that and nobody is in the mood to do anything! What about oysters? Chocolate? Diamonds? Well you can't eat diamonds but so far everytime I have tried them they have worked quite well.

(via Eat Your Way to a Spicier Sex Life.)