The debacle in Green Bay on Monday night certainly showed a major crack in the NFL's armor regarding the use of replacement referees. The league even issued a statement on the game admitting there was a missed call but the outcome of the game will stand. Las Vegas is very upset with the league. That is probably a bigger deal than all of us fans being upset.

Will this be the straw that breaks the stalemate between the league and referees? It certainly should have the same effect as dietary fiber. In other words I think things will start to move rather quickly but you'd better be ready for something that stinks.

While we wait for the league and ref's to get their act together let's enjoy a few moments with my favorite real referee. Ed Hochuli is an attorney by trade, on the weekends he is the big armed, barrel chested, chiseled jaw ref who likes to explain things. For example, on this review call, Mr. Hochuli's explanation takes longer than the play does.


In this clip, our man Ed is making sure that the players understand exactly how overtime works. I think he does a very good job of conveying the information much to the chagrin of the TV networks who could have aired three more commercials during his lengthy explanation.