As we reported earlier this week, State Police Colonel Mike Edmonson had decided to not accept what would be seen by many as a financial windfall. That windfall would have been in the form of a retirement boost that only Edmonson and one other State Trooper would qualify for. The additional retirement benefits came as a last minute addition to a bill passed by the state legislature in most recent session.

By declining the benefits and asking the legislature to reconsider the requirements and eligibility to receive those benefits you'd think this would put the case to bed. That is not so. An investigation is continuing into the retirement boost and whether or not the situation was handled properly.

"We're expecting an opinion from them in the next week or two,"

Those were the words of Executive Director of the Louisiana State Retirement System, Irwin Felps, who told the Louisiana Radio Network that the case was under review by attorneys in his department. Once that opinion has been rendered Felps says his department will conduct a review of the findings and address those findings in a special board meeting.