At first it was a ground swell of curiosity. Then the pundits placed his name at the top of the heap. Now it appears as if time and reality may have begun to set in for the 6th District Congressional campaign of former Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards. The reality is this, there are no easy political races in Louisiana politics.

When he first made the announcement there were those who felt like Edwards' past would be too much for even a savvy politician to overcome. His early poll numbers showed him certainly to be a viable candidate and the front runner. But it appears as if that early spin was based totally on name recognition.

In a recent political survey, Edwards still shows enough political muscle to garner at least a runoff position with the opposing candidates, but his polling numbers have shown a definite slide since the last time a similar survey was done. In an earlier survey, Edwards polled 32% of the vote and in a recent poll done by JMC Analytics. That number has dropped to 27%.

The poll that was commissioned and paid for by candidate Paul Dietzel's campaign showed that Dietzel had 12% of the vote and Dan Claitor had 7%. Of those polled 40% of respondents said they were still undecided.  What does this change in poll number mean? Political analyst Jeremy Alford of told the Louisiana Radio Network.

 "This is something to keep an eye on."

Still, the poll showed Edwards as the front runner and even in worst-case scenarios making a runoff against either of his political foes. The election for the 6th Congressional seat will be held November 4.