I am very happy the end of the world, judgement day, the rapture or what ever we were calling it didn't happen yesterday. I still have things on my to do list and I would like to make it to the beach this Summer.  I don't dare criticize any one's faith. I am not attempting to poke fun or even make light of what turned out to be a pretty big news story this past week. But still, I am just cynical enough to want to know, why the end of the world was delayed and why believers say it didn't happen? 

I must say there are two stories I would love to be on the radio to share with you when they happen. Like one of my radio idols, Paul Harvey, I would love to broadcast the return of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to Earth. I would also like to broadcast live from Memphis the day they close St Jude Hospital because all childhood cancers have been cured. Those would be two events I would be honored to be a part of and share with you. Since the end of the world didn't happen I guess I will see you on the radio in the morning.