How does it work? That is such a great question. I can think of countless machines, products, people and toys that have made me ponder that very thought. My desire to learn also resulted in a very sore backside after my parents found that I had performed surgery on Stretch Armstrong, dismantled a lava lamp and had taken a hammer to my sisters Etch-A-Sketch. Well now I can say to you with a comfortable butt and some degree of confidence, the Etch-A-Sketch how does it work  mystery is solved!

Some other questions I have from my youth, Did anybody ever PLAY the game Mousetrap? We always just set up the trap pieces and tried to make it work. Chinese Checkers, what about marbles on a board makes them Chinese? Kickball, why isn't that a professional sport? I loved playing kickball, you didn't need hand eye coordination and even us fat kids could get on base every now and again.