Don't you wish there were a few more buttons on our keyboard we could really use for social media? Some of the buttons may not be so nice... but quite necessary. We were thinking of a few extra buttons (we think) everyone would enjoy.

DQ: Drama Queen; get over yourself button; you are too dramatic and everyone agrees.
JSU: Just Shut Up; you talk too much and annoy everybody, please just stop.
Stkr: Stalker; you comment on every one of my statuses/pictures and I don't really know you.
Dis: Dislike; we all know there is a "like" button, but we really need a "dislike" button sometimes.
Art: Alrighty then; this button is for weird conversations; used for quickly and easily leaving an awkward convo.
Wrys: What are you smoking? This button is self explanatory.

Yes, some of those keys would be nice to have on our keyboards from time to time.