I got to work Monday morning and there were 294 emails in my inbox. I know I'm not THAT popular so something was up. In this particular case, my dear friend Ed Roy had started a "group" on Facebook called Acadiana Broadcast Legends. Now, when you start a group on Facebook, you apparently get to choose who is in the group. I was very honored to have been among the "charter members." The only thing is that when you become part of the group, you automatically get an email EVERY TIME SOMEONE POSTS TO THE PAGE. And broadcasters have A LOT to say.

But that wasn't the only one. There was also a group called (I'm gonna misquote this) "Remember Crowley." Of course, that is my hometown, where I still go to sleep and where I grew up. As if I needed another reason to spend more time on Facebook! Google+ ain't the next big thing, at least not in these parts. These group pages are!

There's a page for every city, town, village, class, whatever... and they are AWESOME! I have had so much fun reminiscing about days gone by and places that once were. I get to chat with friends on Facebook about memories we share that we may not have conversed about otherwise. It has been such a treat. So whether you are from Cankton or Estherwood or Carencro or right here in "big" Lafayette, chances are there's a group for you.

Just find a friend who's in and have them add you. And have fun! I sure am.  Article written by Tracy Wirtz for 973thedawg.com .