Be you Democrat, Republican, Tea Party, Independent or just regular American, what our country's leaders do and say has an effect on you. Sometimes it's a good effect sometimes it means you lose your job and your taxes go up. Last night the President of the United States addressed you and I. Whether you agree or disagree with the current administrations policy or procedure, we can at least agree that the President should speak in facts. Let's double check some of those from last nights speech.

For example, he said he wants to eliminate "billions in taxpayer dollars we currently give to oil companies." Yet he made a similar proposal last year that went nowhere. He sought $36.5 billion in tax increases on oil and gas companies over the next decade, but Congress largely ignored the request, even though Democrats were then in charge of both houses of Congress.

A look at some of Obama's statements Tuesday night and how they compare with the facts:

Politics for me usually comes down to this basic premise, are my leaders taking the country the direction I think is best or are they not? Then I vote accordingly.  I hope you will take the time to teach your children to be interested in government, how it works and politics and why it doesn't.