3 days until Christmas! I think you all can agree with me that Christmas isn't just a day, it is a frame of mind. The smells, sounds, lights, etc. really warms our souls. Yes, that is a little cheesy, but it's true! Everyone has a certain way to celebrate the holidays, and my family can go a little overboard.I love spending Christmas with my family. There is no where else I'd rather be but at home for the holidays.  However, sometimes being under one roof with my family for longer than 5 days can lead to jokes which could lead to arguments. Last Christmas was World War 3 between my brother and I, but let's not get into that. Our family Christmas has always been the same ever since I can remember. Christmas Eve everyone is running around the kitchen cooking and acting like they are being forced to cook, even though it is mom and dad's idea to cook 9 different recipes. We go to church around 4 pm. on Christmas Eve then come home and pig out! Christmas Day we wake up around 9ish, open gifts, and lounge around in our pajamas until about 3 pm. That is probably my favorite part.

No matter what chaos goes on, I love being home for the holidays. Some people don't have the opportunity to celebrate with their loved ones, so we should always cherish family time! Merry Christmas, y;all!