There aren't too many reasons for fans of the mighty S.E.C. to really care about a measly Pac-12 game. Especially if it's a Pac-12 game on a Thursday night but since our Ragin Cajuns will eventually be playing Arizona, there is at least a passing interest in the game. It gets even more interesting when you throw in a fan dressed as a referee and a  fight begins!

I applaud ESPN and other TV networks for not showing knuckleheads that create distractions at sporting events. Giving these attention seekers coverage only encourages more idiots to try.

However, the attention focused on the fan gave the players from UCLA and Arizona the opportunity to share some unkind words. When the game is as out of hand as it was, unkind words quickly became  phyical acts unbecoming of college athletes.

Arizona went on to win the game by a gawdy score of 48-12. The Ragin Cajuns of U.L. will travel to Tucson to play these same Arizona Wildcats on November 26th.