Will all of the elements of the universe be disputed by Lafayette Consolidated Government and City Officials with the city of Broussard? You might be familiar with allegations concerning water and water bills. Then came the announcement a few weeks ago that LCG was severing ties with the city of Broussard. The latest salvo comes in the form of fire protection.

Lafayette Consolidated Government had been paying the Broussard Fire Department a fee of 40-thousand dollars annual for help in fighting fires in unincorporated parts of the parish. This contract was administered in two 20-thousand dollar agreements. The first of which was signed in January of this year.  Last week city parish President Joey Durel directed officials not to sign the second contract for services that would cover the second half of the year.

In spite of the disagreement between the two entities both are vowing that residents in the unincorporated portions of the parish will indeed have fire protection. It is hoped that calmer heads, cooler attitudes and egos will be set aside so that tax paying citizens will get the protection they need and government can do the job it was elected to do.