One thing we can always count on with science is that there will always be something new to explore.  Here in South Louisiana science plays a big part in what we do. I know we are famous for our food but our other big industries require a lot scientific  know how. Where would we be with out scientist in our oil and gas production companies. Or how about the thousands of people that make a living in the medical field? Science always begins with a curiosity a basic need to know,"what if".

Think about how many great discoveries have been made by somebody asking "what if?" We on the Bruce and the Kennel Club show like to ask what if too. Most of our "what ifs" don't involve oil and gas or making people healthy. Our questions usually result in an explosion of some kind. Have you ever wondered what would happen if a firecracker was exploded inside a balloon? To be honest neither have we, but since somebody bothered to make a video out of it, we felt obligated to watch it. So what do you think? Will the balloon explode? Or will it withstand the shock of the firecracker's percussion? What if this kind of technology could be made useful in the oil and gas industry or the medical field? It all starts with a great big " What If?"