Ever look at the date on the food you buy and get a little confused as to when it is no good? "Sell By", "Use By", "Enjoy By" can be a bit misleading sometimes.

Apparently, some of these dates are not about safety but about taste.

Dana Gunders, a food scientist with the Natural Resources Defence Council says much of the food labeled bad is actually perfectly edible.

Here are five examples of foods that are just fine to eat after the expiration date passes.

  • Tortilla Chips

    Tortilla chips aren't going to make you sick after a month. They may begin to taste a little stale though. Putting them in an oven with oil will re-crisp them, while storing in a sealed container extends their life by keeping moisture out.

  • Chocolate

    Chocolate can last a long time. After some time, it may begin to develop a white coating which is known as the "bloom". That's perfectly normal. It's a reaction that happens when the chocolate is exposed to air.

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  • Eggs

    People throw out eggs much earlier than they have to. Eggs can last 3-5 weeks as long as they are kept below 41 degrees. That helps prevent potential growth of Salmonella.

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  • Milk

    Milk will smell or taste bad long before it makes you sick. Just don't let the milk sit out at room temperature because microbes in the air will spoil the milk. Close it up quickly and return it to the fridge, which should be set at around 36 degrees.

  • Yogurt

    Yogurt can last beyond six weeks. Some experts even say you can scrape off the mold and eat the remaining yogurt and you will be just fine.