Our thoughts and well wishes are with former UL baseball player John Coker, Jr and his family. Coker was shot in the leg while on duty in Afghanistan. Three members of his unit, however, were killed during that gun battle last Friday.

"His injuries are severe - and the nick to the femoral artery could have been fatal - but fortunately, it wasn't God's will," said Stacy Coker, John's mother.

The gunshot wounds are to his knee, leg, and pelvis.

The Muskogee, Oklahoma native was flown to San Antonio last night to begin treatment but thus far it is not know how long he would be there.

"If he walks with a limp it doesn't matter; he is going to be our son forever," Stacy said.

Coker played for the Cajuns a total of two seasons, ending with an NCAA Regional appearance in 2005.