This is the video you are going to share with everyone you know. This is video of the unluckiest couple to ever go to a baseball game. If you remember a few days ago I railed against baseball fans for making such a big deal about scrambling to get a foul ball at a major league game.

Maybe I was wrong. Maybe the reason people fight for foul balls is simply to protect themselves or maybe even revenge. This foul ball is nasty. If you watch the video in slow motion you can see the balls initial contact is with the crotch area of the gentleman trying to make a bare handed catch. If that's not enough, the ricochet off his private parts bounces directly into the face of his female companion.

That is probably not what they were anticipating when they planned an evening out at the ball park. I don't think any of the injuries were serious but I would be willing to bet the  man caught an earful all the way home in the car.