A Carencro Mother and family are in mourning after Chasity Benoit lost her 6-month old unborn child, Cullen Faulk, as a result of a vehicle accident in the 300 block of West Gloria switch Road.

From KATC -

"They sent me up to labor and delivery and when they did the ultrasound there, the heartbeat kept dropping. It was 80 and it kept dropping. Next thing I know, the nurses and doctors are running all over and I'm in surgery and that's it. It all happened so fast," Benoit said."

A fund has been set up for donations to help pay for the funeral.

"On Saturday December 14th, Chasity was the victim of a hit and run head on collision. At the time, she was 6 months pregnant with Cullen. Due to the impact, the placenta separated and shortly after Cullen was born, he passed away. All money raised will go to Chasity and her daughter Caelyn to give Cullen a proper burial and help Chasity get back on her feet after this tragedy. If you have ever met Chasity, she is the most bubbly, kind, and warm-hearted person you'd ever meet. She needs our help!"

To make a donation to help with funeral costs for Cullen Faulk, please click HERE