A memory I have of growing up in north Mississippi is about piles of leaves. We had a lot of trees at our house and every fall when the weather would get cold these leaves would blanket the yard. My Dad, my brothers and I would spend a good chunk of a Saturday morning raking those leaves into huge piles.

It was after the huge piles of leaves were  made the real fun started. There is nothing more fun, relaxing and rejuvenating that running full speed and jumping into a pile of freshly raked leaves. The smell of Autumn would surround you as you were enveloped in the pile. Sometimes I would just lie in the pile of leaves and look up at the October sky. It was good to be a kid. There was no need for video games, computers or batteries.

This little one is experiencing the same joy that I once knew. He is having a tougher time hitting the pile than I did. Perhaps I have found something that I could have gone pro in. If only there was a league of professional leaf pile jumpers.