Perspective, it's how we view the world and how we feel about what we have seen and experienced. We all know our eyes and ears can sometimes lie to us. Also our preconceived notions and ideas about a subject can cloud the truth  as well.

We see a man wearing a turban and a least for a fleeting second the word terrorist flashes through our mind. We see a guy wearing sagging pants, and if only for a split second, we think, man with no fashion sense. We see a man driving a Volkswagen Beetle and we think fan of the Bravo channel. This is what our filter of life, our perspective, has taught us to think.

As you watch this video of a man and motorcycle, it's only :23 seconds long, try to predict what you think will happen. I would be willing to bet you were wrong in your prediction just like I was. Just as most of our perspectives need some adjusting as well.