I can't say for sure but I am guessing it must be pretty good to be George Clooney. He seems to have his choice of juicy roles in Hollywood feature films and he seems to have a special way with the ladies. George recently announced that his lady friend of a little over two years, Elissabetta Canalis, would no longer be exclusive. I think George has an issue with commitment don't you? Let's look back at some of his other former flames. 

Here would be my question for you, would you date George Clooney or a guy like him? What I mean is, he is succesful, very well to do and very handsome. He also doesn't want you around for the rest of his life. Would you invest a few years of your life into a relationship like that if you knew it was not meant to last? It will be interesting to hear your point of view on this, so please leave me a comment.