They get in your food, they bug you outside, they are the next best thing to a video game thanks to Bug-A-Salt. Bug-A-Salt is an incredible new invention that has made the art of swatting flies high tech. The cool thing about Bug-A-Salt is it's environmentally friendly, safe for kids and uses ordinary table salt to be bring down its prey.

By shooting a pinch of salt at high speed, the Bug-A-Salt gun now makes killing flies as much fun as the old Ninetendo Duck Hunt. The way the weapon brings down the fly you don't have to worry about messy blood, guts or other bug juice. The carcass stays whole and you can use a napkin or broom to sweep up the dead. This would make hours of great fun at the hunting or fishing camp don't you think? I believe I am going to get me one for the house and the radio station too.