If you're planning a trip to Disney World this summer, beware, because scientists say big ole mosquitoes are coming! According to entomologists at the University of Florida, a swarm of "mega mosquitoes" is set to invade central Florida this summer.

These mega mosquitoes are technically called gallinippers. But I'm sure when they're attacking you and sucking your blood, you can really care less what they're called! And the word is their bite really hurts.

The gallinippers could hatch this summer because of the flood waters caused by tropical storms. The eggs usually stay underground and don't hatch at the same time, but when the water pushes them above ground, they hatch.

Scientists say you can keep them off of you with a good bug spray and covering yourself up as much as possible. Great, that's exactly what I want to do in the summertime in Florida -- put a bunch of clothes on!

Happy vacationing y'all!