Google Nose, the latest technology breakthrough from the search engine giant was made public today. Imagine being able to not only find information on a subject but to actually smell the subject you searched for.

This application will no doubt have far reaching effects. Imagine being able to smell a recipe that you've looked up on  line. How about being able to smell the salt air of a beach vacation spot you're thinking about booking? Google nose will even let you get a whiff of a wet dog, a burning fart or sweaty feet if that's what you're into.

Google Nose is officially in beta testing at this time. If you would like to try out Google Nose simple look at the bottom right corner of your screen, where the time and date are displayed. If the date reads April 1 then you should understand what Google Nose is all about. If you can't make that connection then you should let someone else manage your money and your personal affairs.