Besides being the Sportsman's Paradise Louisiana would also be know as the insect's paradise too. Just about every creepy crawly critter known to mankind can find a great place to live in our warm moist climate. Ants are probably one of the biggest insect issues that we all face.

Just by their sheer numbers ants are created to be a nuisance to man. I am sure that is not their divine purpose but as far as I am concerned they are a nuisance to me. What are some ways you can keep the ants at bay and at least out of your living space?


Barricade Your Home: If ants were bowling balls this would be a lot easier, but ants are much smaller. We usually don't know that ants have breached our defenses until we see a long dark trail across the kitchen counter. When you do discover that trail follow it to its beginning. That is where you need to plug the hole. This might be as simple as some caulk or other filler material. It is probably a good idea to put down a deterrent such as insecticide at this location as well.

Put Deterrents Around Openings: This means put down chemicals or substances that ants don't like in the areas around doors and windows. I have heard that talc and salt are two non-toxic solutions to the ant problem. I suppose the ants don't like to negotiate around the tiny particles and it just makes it more difficult for them to navigate the area when talc and or salt is applied.

Apply Scents That Ants Don't Like: Believe it or not some of the scents that you and I love ants find to be quite offensive. Putting down scents of cinnamon, peppermint, cayenne pepper, and bay leaves can make ants choose another direction. As long as they aren't coming into your house then any direction is fine.


There are some of our suggestions on how to deal with ant situations around your house. If you have some more ideas or things that have worked for you we'd love to hear what you have to say.