It was a night thousands had been waiting for, the opening of the Dark Knight Rises, the new Batman movie. In Aurora, Colorado what was supposed to be a night of fun and fantasy turned deadly. Shortly after midnight a lone gunman open fire in one of the theaters at the Century 16 Cinema complex. The shooting began during a gunfight scene in the movie. Witnesses also reported hearing a hissing sound and seeing a smoke-like substance beginning to fill the theater.

What you are about to see is raw cell phone video of the chaos at the theater. There is some not safe language that can be heard in the video so viewer discretion is advised.

At this writing there have been 14 confirmed dead at the scene. The gunman was apprehended and reportedly told authorities that he had explosive devices at his apartment. Authorities are working to clear the apartment and collect evidence. We will have more on this breaking story through out the day.