The 2-1 New Orleans Saints travel to 1-2 Jacksonville for the first of three straight road games. 

After playing three top level teams, the fan in us wants to look at the Jags as a win, and why not? Jacksonville QB Blaine Gabbert is making just his second NFL start, the team needed an extension this week to try and sell out the game so the blackout would be lifted, and surely if the Saints can play the Packers tough, spank the Bears and snatch a win from Houston, Jacksonville should be no trouble?

Well Saints head coach Sean Payton has told his team all week, overlooking the Jaguars would be a huge mistake, and thinking the schedule softens up here for the next three games (Jacksonville, Carolina, Tampa Bay), would be a huge mistake.

Saints quarterback Drew Brees details a few reasons why the Saints offense better be ready to play.

The Saints for a fact won't face a top level QB. Gabbert may eventually turn out to be a solid NFL starter but right now he's a rookie making his second start. The Saints defense has had success against green signal callers. In the past two seasons, the Saints defense has allowed those rookie QBs to throw just 2 TD passes while picking off 15 passes. Saints cornerback Jabari Greer says it's a combination of them not knowing the league just yet, but it's also the Saints making the plays that are made available.

It'll be no secret what Jacksonville will try and do Sunday against the Saints defense. Run the ball. Maurice Jones-Drew, who has 66 carries for 307 yards and a touchdown this sesaon, is the Jags top runner, and is the focal point of defensive end Will Smith and his teammates.

Kick off on Sunday is set for noon. Catch all the action starting at 10am here on 97.3 The Dawg with your calls and comments after the game.