Well folks hard to believe that there are only three games left in the regular season for the New Orleans Saints. The Black and Gold already have locked up a spot in the post season thanks to their win last week and the Broncos beating the Bears. Now it's about two things, winning the NFC South and trying to get the second seed of the NFC playoff standings.

Sunday the Saints face 2-11 Minnesota, a team that remarkably just two seasons ago was a bad Brett Favre pass away from a Super Bowl game. Since then Minnesota has had issues at quarterback and fired its coach. Now Vikings head coach Leslie Frazier on how the mighty Vikings have fallen.
Saints head coach Sean Payton always looking at things like a head coach making sure this week he has told his team about how Minnesota despite two wins have been in many games this season...
Saints fans collectively are feeling, that the last thing the Saints need to do is overlook anybody. Do we remember October 30? That was the last Saints loss, to the winless Rams. Saints QB Drew Brees remembers that dreadful Sunday and hears the whispers of overlooking the Vikes towards that Monday night game with Atlanta next week ...
The Saints are currently tied with San Francisco for the 2nd seed in the playoff picture. San Fran has the tie-breaker however thanks to a better NFC Conference record. So the 49ers need to lose one more game and the Saints need to keep winning. Saints fans will be paying attention on Monday night when San Francisco hosts Pittsburgh that's for sure.
Oh as for this game, Saints-Vikings, one more thing to think about, Vikings defensive end Jared Allen called New Orleans a third world city. Allan's remarks came on his radio show a few days ago, saying the bus ride from the airport to the hotel looked like a third world country and was dangerous, and that the quarter is dangerous..
Saints cornerback Jabari Greer thinks Allan is an idiot.
So who will win? Saints still have more talent. Now the Metrodome is no easy place to play. It's loud and they play that annoying Viking horn over and over and over. Adrian Peterson should be back after nursing a high ankle sprain for a few weeks, so he should help the Vikings, but thier lack of solid QB play is enough I think for the Saints to get out of Minnesota with a win, let's call it 27-17.